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If you’re looking for a stunning flower for fall, this is it. Aromatic Aster blooms in late fall and supports pollinators looking to load up on nutritious calories before hibernation or migration. The flowers are light purple to violet and very eye catching. The flowers are not aromatic but the leaves are when crushed. The leaves are linear and crowded along the stem. Aromatic Aster forms a mounded bush-like plant.


Plant Aromatic Aster in dry to medium soils. It prefers full sun. You can use it in a. cottage garden or in front of taller plants. It grows about two feet tall, making it ideal for the front of a garden. Plants that flower late in the year add bonus time to your garden. They are important to make sure there is something always in bloom for us and the pollinators that rely on them.


Good companions are Butterflyweed, Phlox subulata, Goldenrod, other asters and grasses, like Big Blue Stem and Side Oats Gramma.

Symphyotrichum oblongifolium - Aromatic Aster

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