Labrador violet is a truly lovely spring blooming plant. People love violets but aren't really happy with the way they spread. Labrador violet spread slowly, mostly by seed. The leaves are tinged purple, becoming darker in sunnier locations. The flowers are bright violet in color and really stand out against the darker foliage.

Labrador violet is naturally found in open woodlands so it can grow in shady conditions but does well in sunny locations in moist organic soil. Violets are larval food source for Fritillary butterflies. So if attracting butterflies is important for you you should have some violets. The seed is eaten by birds.

Labrador violet blooms in the spring and sometimes sporadically in the summer. It grows 2 to 4 inches high. A wonderful ground cover combination would be labrador violet with yellow wood poppy, Christmas fern, green and gold, doll's eyes, blue-stemmed goldenrod and woodland stonecrop.

Viola labradorica - Labrador violet

  • -This little plant has lovely purple tinged foliage

    -Very pretty bright violet flowers

    -Very nice companion plant for other ground covers

    -Larval food source for Fritillary butterflies

    -Height: 2 to 4 inches

    -Zones: 3- 7

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