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About Us


Amanda's Native Garden, located in Sparta, NY, specializes in woodland native perennials. We also grow a variety of prairie and wetland plants. We are expanding our line of plants every year. Sparta is located in the Finger Lakes region of Western NY, south of beautiful Hemlock Lake. When you visit plan on spending some time in the Hemlock-Canadice State Forest.


Amanda's Native Garden has an excellent supply of nursery-propagated perennials ready for planting. These wonderful plants are thrilling additions to your garden. Do you have a shady spot or a spot with a little too much moisture? Try using native perennials to solve your gardening problems. These plants are durable, beautiful, and help provide food and habitat for butterflies, moths and birds.

Amanda's Native Garden propagates and grows many species of native perennials by seed, division, cuttings and spores from plants specifically grown as stock propagation plants. Our many years of native perennial propagation have led to high quality, affordable plants. Plants are flowering size and are potted in one quart or larger size pots (except for small flowering plants, such as toothwort). You can visit our nursery for garden tours and hands-on demonstrations. During your visit you can pick up plants in person. We can also ship our plants in the Northeastern US and plants are shipped only bare root and dormant.

Amanda's Native Garden is owned and operated by Ellen Folts. Ellen has a degree in agricultural and natural resources from SUNY Cobleskill and has worked in the horticultural field for 31+ years. She is a Senior New York State Certified Nursery and Landscape Professional. Ellen believes that it is important to sell in-house nursery produced plants. Educating the public about native plants through the website, talks to garden clubs and during sales are important values to Amanda's Native Garden.


We host events throughout the year at the nursery, the first being an open house in early May, when you can visit and enjoy the early spring wildflowers. Amanda's Native Garden can help you plan your garden around your specific needs. Let us share our expertise with you. We will consult with you, evaluate your site and recommend the plants for you. We can help with gardens for shady areas, or bird and butterfly gardens.

Ellen Folts
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