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Native Plant Presentations

Ellen is available for talks, presentations and workshops.


 Topics and titles include:


  • Native Perennials: Bringing Nature to Your Garden

  • Working with Native Perennials to Attract Pollinators

  • Working with Native Perennials to Improve Water Quality

  • Working with Natives to Build More Sustainable Landscapes

  • Gardening with Native Perennials: Planting the Right Plants in the Right Places

  • Propagating Wildflower Perennials Workshop: seeds-starting procedures, cuttings, fern production and division are discussed. September through February

  • Trillium Propagation - lecture with hands-on demonstrations

  • Propagation of Native Perennials by Seed - presentation about woodland perennials including overview of woodland plants plants and other native perennials

  • Spring Wildflower Presentation - Late April through May, blooming native plants shown during presentation. 

  • Fall Wildflower Gardening: Late August through September, blooming native plants shown during presentation.

  • Deterring Deer with native perennials - PowerPoint

  • Spring Wildflowers of the Fingerlakes -  PowerPoint 

  • Garden Tours: come see what native perennials are in bloom throughout the growing season. Appointments required.  Contact us today for your garden tour. 

  • Custom workshops, talks and presentations: contact us today with your ideas!


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