When Your Plants Arrive

As soon as your plant products are delivered (either by USPS or UPS), the very first thing that must be done as soon as possible is to unpack and unstack the plant material. This applies to all living plant products. Plants are perishable, as they are a living thing. The plant products can only last a few days packed and stacked, which is the duration of delivery, so they must be unpacked as soon as received. The next step is to place your plant product in a shady area, out of direct sun. If your plants are dry, you will need to water them. Keep an eye on your plants and if there's a delay in installing your plants, make sure to keep them watered and happy. If the plants are not unpacked and cared for in the proper time, we are unable to guarantee your order. If you have any questions on plant care, watering, and/or how to install your plants, please contact us directly by email or phone, we are happy to answer any of your questions. 
Any problems with the condition or quality or quantity of goods received should be brought to our attention immediately.

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