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Our Move to Story Road



In the spring of 2016, Amanda’s Garden Native Perennial Nursery opened at a new 15 acre location at 8030 Story Rd., Dansville, NY. The increased space at this location will allow Amanda’s Garden not only expand their inventory, but also to offer workshops and demonstrations. There are also plans for hiking trails to showcase native plants in their natural setting.


For 25 years, the philosophy at Amanda’s Native Garden has been one of creating sustainable landscapes that give back to the environment. Just as native plants give back to the environment, they also give back to those that plant them. Gardens that include native plants require less maintenance since they are adapted to local conditions. They are also more resistant to pests because of their local genetics. At Amanda’s Native Garden we grow most of our plants from seed collected from local sources.


Most plants available for sale are not native. These alien species have been cultivated to have identical genetic make-up. While this makes these plants reliably similar so that they can be mass produced, it also makes them more vulnerable to pests and variations in climate. Native plants, on the other hand, evolved locally, in concert with the environment, and so are more robust. Because we grow many of our plants from seed  they are not genetically identical they can continue to adapt to changing pests and conditions.


As gardeners, what we plant can and does make a difference. Native plants are desirable not only because they are lovely to look at, but also because they are the right plants for the ecological community in which they are planted. Native plants assist in the survival of native flora and fauna. They co-evolved with native bees, butterflies and birds. They provide food, cover and habitat for these species that alien species simply cannot. Planting native species helps to preserve and recreate native habitats. Creating corridors for migrating native birds and butterflies increases their chance for survival in the face of development and introduction of alien species.


Stop in at the new Story Rd location just 3 miles from our old location. We will open for the season April 16th, daily from 9:00 – 5:00. Ellen Folts, Senior CLNP, or her staff will be available to answer your gardening questions and suggest solutions for problem areas in your garden. The catalog can be viewed on line at our website: . You can also call 585-750-6288 to request a tour. Investing in native plants will help you to create a beautiful garden filled with thriving native perennials, part of a self-sustaining natural landscape.

Amanda's Garden Growing Frames
Green Frog
Amanda's Garden Pond

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