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Our Plants

Native perennial plants are lovely to look at, but more importantly they fill a vital role in nature. Native animals such as butterflies need native plants for food and reproduction.  As native woodlands, prairies and wetlands become overrun by human infrastructure, invasive alien plants and other disturbances, it is even more important to include some native plants in your garden. Using native plants helps to bridge the gaps between forestland, parks and residential areas. This encourages beneficial wild animals and native plants to establish in your area.


Native plants can also be used in the problem areas of the garden, such as shady or very wet areas. Think of these areas as an opportunity to promote biodiversity. An ecologically sound landscape benefits you because it is easier to care for; as native plants have adapted to pests, disease, and climate stresses and they cope well with these problems.


Below you will find several photo galleries with brief descriptions of our native plants grown and propagated at Amanda's Garden. For full descriptions of our plants and to purchase plants directly online, visit our online store. You can also email us, call 585-750-6288 or visit our nursery!

Native Woodland Plants

Native Wetland & Wet Meadow Plants

Native Plants for Prairie & Full Sun Gardens

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