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Bright blue flowers that resemble lupine flowers top this plant in May into June This outstanding plant can be used as focal plant or specimen plant in your garden. You can plant it in groups to form a small hedge plant or mass planting. The foliage is bluish green, pea like and very attractive. Wild Blue Inigo is a host plant for a number of butterflies such as the Orange Sulfur, Eastern Tailed-Blue, and Wild Indigo Duskywing. It also is an important nectar plant for bees and butterflies.


Wild Blue Indigo is a member of the pea family so its strong deep root system has nitrogen fixing nodules. It may take sometime to establish as the roots establish first. This strong root system makes it ideal for holding banks. It is a long-lived perennial that can grow 3 to 4 feet tall with a similar spread. It grows best in full sun but will tolerate some shade. It prefers moist to normal soil without a lot of organic matter. The black seed heads can be used in dried flower arrangements.


Wild Blue Indigo makes a great companion plants with grasses, Black eyed Susan, Goats Beard, Wild Bergamot, Culiver’s Root, Mountain Mint, and Ox Eyed Sunflower.  We grow ours from seed so you may our flower colors may vary. Deer do not like this plant it is poisonous.  

Baptisia australis - Wild Blue Indigo

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  • -An excellent plant for a pollinator garden

    - Deer do not like this plant

    -Easy to grow, tolerant of many conditions

    - Bright blue flowers May into June

    -Height: 3 to 4 feet tall

    -Zone: 3 to 9

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