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Have dry shade? Here is a terrific plant for your site. You can use Pensylvania sedge as a ground cover. It's fine texture and fountain shape will add so much value in your woodland garden. The foliage moves in the wind creating sweeping motions. Even when there is no wind the patterns you plant it in can create edges or whorls. Use your imagination. Pennsylvania Sedge can be used as a lawn substitute that requires little maintenance. It establishes quickly because this is this grass is rhizomonous. It speads by rhizomes and stolens. 

Pennsylvania Sedge has cream colored flowers and seed heads, and while they are small they are attractive. The leaves all start at the base of the plant giving it its fountain shape. The leaves can grow to a foot  or more long. This plant is adaptable to many sites but is not tolerant of excessive moisture. Great for woodland and woodland edge gardens because it is happy in shade to part shade.

Pennsylvaniasedge provide cover, pollen, nectar and seeds for a wide variety of animals.

Carex pensylvanica, Pennsylvania sedge

Limited Stock - Contact for Availability
  • -A sedge in shade or part shade

    -tolerates dry soils -fountain shape,fine texture

    -Provides cover for animals

    -Height: 8 to 12  inches or more long leaves

    -Zone: 3 to 7

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