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Seersucker Sedge is a deep green sedge with crinkle leaves that adds texture to your woodland or shade garden. It is also called crinkle leaf Sedge or plantain Sedge. Plant is with spring ephemerals so when they die back you have this wonderful foliage plant to enjoy.

The sedge does flower the flowers which occur in May. The male flowers at the top of the flowing stem appear yellow due to the pollen. The female flowers below them on the same stem are purplish. The pollen falls from the male on to the female. This is a very cool adaptation by sedges.

Seersucker Sedge naturally grows in moist woodlands but will tolerate dry conditions. Turkey and grouse feed on the seed and the foliage is used by some animals such as butterflies and small mammals.

Great companions are Trillium, Foam Flower, Bloodroot Wild Ginger, Twinleaf, and Merry Bells.

Carex plantaginea - Seersucker sedge

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  • -A sedge in shade or part shade

    -Crinkled leaves provide texture

    -Provides cover for animals

    -Height: 6 to 12 inches

    -Zone: 5 to 8

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