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We frequently are asked about native vines. Virgin’s Bower is an attractive native twining vine. Plants have compound leaves with sharply toothed leaflets. In late summer, the plant is covered with masses of fragrant white flowers. In the fall these flowers become plumed silky seed clusters. It makes a lovely display.


Virgin’s Bower is a vigorous vine that thrives in moist to average soil in full sun to part shade. Generally, most clematis like sun on their leaves and shade on their roots. Plants grow 20’ tall but must be supported on an appropriate trellis. The plants unlike some other clematis, blooms on current season’s stems. This makes it a great candidate to cut back on growth that has gotten too large during winter without sacrificing this year’s flowers.


The foliage is toxic to mammals so deer tend to stay away. Birds use the fluffy seed and vine for nesting materials. Bees and other insects use the flowers for nectar. Caterpillars of two moths use the plant for food. It is a wonderful plant when used it the right space.

Clematis virginiana - Virgin's Bower

    • Beatiful white flowers
    • Twinging vine that grows to 20 feet
    • Bees and othe insects use this plant for food
    • Height: to 20 feet
    • zone: 3 to 9
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