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A patch of squirrel corn along a garden path is a wonderful and welcome sight in the early spring. The white flowers are heart-shaped and very enchanting. Delicate blue - green very finely cut leaves grace this lovely plant. Small in stature, only 3 to 5 inches tall Squirrel Corn is a nice spring edger plant for your woodland garden. When hiking in the spring a patch of squirrel corn makes any miles you have hiked to see it well worth it, adding it to your garden just makes it easier to see. 

Squirrel corn grow from a yellow tuber that resembles a kernel of corn. That's where the common name comes from. The plant is poisonous though and toxic in large quantities. The plant is also an ephemeral. It comes up, flowers and goes dormant by the beginning of June. Returning the next spring to delight the observer.

Companions for squirrel Corn included toothwort, bloodroot, hepatica, Virginia waterleaf and foam flower. Adding ferns and sedges complete the garden. Netted chain fern, Christmas fern, plantain sedge, common sedge and appalachian sedge are all great choices.

Dicentra canadensis - Squirrel corn

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  • -Lovely spring flower

    -Nice edger plant for early spring beauty

    -Heart shaped blossoms

    -Height: 3 to 6 inches tall

    -Zones: 3 to 8

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