Marginal shield  fern is a trmendous plant for woodland garden. This fern is evergreen; the fronds grow upright and make the plant vase shapped. This keeps the fronds tidy throughout the year. It does not spred fron rhizomes so it keeps its vase shape. The fronds are a deep rich green. 

Marginals Shield can be planted with spring ephemerals so when the flowers and plants have gone dormant you still have wonderful color in the garden. Some people use it as a ground cover, but it has a clumping form and will not spread like other ferns do. This can be a blessing if you hate chasing plants around your garden, Marginal Shield fern stays put. When planting, consider that this fern needs shade and well drained, moist soil.

Good companions include false solomon's seal, may apple, trilliums, bloodroot, toothwort, sessile bellwort, doll's eyes, Christmas fern and blue cohosh. For the fall, plant with woodland asters and blue stemmed goldenrod.

Dryopteris marginalis - Marginal shield fern

  • -Marginal fern is a beautiful evergreen fern

    -Is a clumping fern

    -The fronds are a rich green

    -The plant is vase shapped 

    -Height: 1 to 2 feet

    -Zone: 3 to 8

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