Boneset attracts beneficial insects that are predictors of pest insects such as aphids and white flies. White flat topped clusters of flowers attract many insects including butterflies, bees, moth, flies and beetles to boneset. You will find this stately plant in moist meadows and woodland edges. Boneset is perfectly happy in drier soils in gardens. 

In fact this would be a fantastic addition to a moon garden. The flowers are pure white that glows in the moon light.
That plant itself is very attractive with rough leaves attached opposite each other on the stems. The leaves appear to be pierced by the stem. This is one of the captivating traits of this plant. The leaves are strong enough to bear the weight of birds, that can use them as a perch. Boneset is generally not eaten by deer, the foliage is bitter.
Boneset can be used at the back of a border, in a meadow, or to hide unsightly areas. Good companions are green coneflower, Joe-pye weed, asters, royal fern, interrupted fern, swamp milkweed and palm sedge. Boneset grow from three to six feet.

Eupatorium perfoliatum - Boneset

  • -Attracts beneficial insects

    -Attractive foliage and flowers

    -Attracts bees and butterflies

    -Deer resistant

    -Zone: 3 to 8

    -Height: 3 to 6

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