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Barren Strawberry is a delightful evergreen ground cover. Glossy dark green leaves that are shaped like strawberry leaves cover the ground. In the elate spring barren strawberry is covered with bright yellow five petaled flowers. 

The plant spreads by under ground runners but it isn't too aggressive. This is a great plant for both dry and moist soils. I spotted it on our property in moist soil in dappled sunlight growing at the base of an ash tree. Once established it is also very drought tolerant.

Great companions for barren strawberry are may apple, false Solomon's seal, Jack-in-the-pulpit and foam flower. When planting ground covers it is better to plant 4 or 5 different kind of plants together. This way you are avoiding a mono-culture and creating a richer habitat.

Geum fragarioides - Barren strawberry

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  • -Barren Strawberry is an excellent evergreen ground cover

    -Bright yellow flowers

    -Deer resistant

    -Zone: 4 to 8

    -Height: 3 to 6 inches

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