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A charming ground cover for dry, rocky areas. It forms a dense mat of narrow thin bright green leaves. The leaves grow 4 to 6 inches high. The bright blue flowers are spectacular and rise above the leaves in late spring. They are not long lived and in a very warm year may only last a week or so but they are more than worth the wait. There are not many plants that are as beautiful.  

Dwarf Crested Iris will grow in moister soils and spread a little quicker in these soils too. In moist soils it will grow in full sun. It works well in a rock garden or the front edge of the woodland garden. Plant it with foam flower, Green and gold, wild ginger, false solomon's seal, Yellow wood poppy to make a very attractive garden in shade or dappled sun.

Iris cristata - Dwarf crested iris

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  • - Wonderful ground cover

    - Bright blue flowers

    - Height 4 to 6 inches

    - Zone: 3 to 9

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