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One of the great woodland plants that flowers in the early spring. Very pretty pure white flowers last for a very short time. Usually a week or so depending on the weather. The flowers are very fragile and will shatter in the rain or wind. They begin flowering in April. The flowers are similar to bloodroot with eight petals.

The leaves are very unusual, on a single stalk each leaf is divided into two identical sides. The plants grow about 12 inches tall. Dark green leaves add texture and interest to the garden. The plant prefers shade to part shade and moist soil rich in organic matter.

Twinleaf is named after our third president Thomas Jefferson. Oh to have such a lovely plant named after you. Twinleaf is easily propagated from seed. Harvest the seed as soon as it is ripe. The seed pods which are very interesting. They look like pots with hinged lids. When the pod turns yellow and just as the lids open the seeds are ripe. If you miss this time period the seeds drop from the "pots" and you can find them on the ground for a day or two. They usually are snatch up quickly by insects or small mammals. Plant the seed immediately. Leave the flats out through the winter. They generally germinate the first spring after sowing and will bloom in 5 years.

Great companions are dwarf crested iris, foam flower, ferns, wild geranium and blue cohosh. Give twinleaf a little room so they are not crowded out.

Jeffersonia diphylla - Twinleaf

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  • -Twinleaf has lovely pure white flowers

    -Very interesting twin leaves -Great woodland plant

    -Height: 12 to 18 inches

    -Zone: 4 to 9

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