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We get many people asking if we have plants you can walk on. There aren’t many. Path rush is one you can. You can use it as a lawn replacement. You can use it for paths or in rain gardens. It is a tough plant that will tolerant very moist conditions and compacted soil too. The fibrous root system will hold soil in place foe erosion control. Path rush grow best in full sun to partial shade.  Deer and other mammals don’t like it.


The round dark green stems grow 6 inches to 2 feet tall. It does not have large pretty flowers but the seed heads are attractive. The seeds will cling to shoes and animals. This is how the seeds spread. Pair it with other water lovers in a rain garden to hold soil in place around larger plants. Cardinal flower, Joe Pye Weed, Boneset, Helen’s Flower, Sensitive fern are all good companions. Use it in paths or along a path to define the edges.

Juncus tenuis - Path Rush

Limited Stock - Contact for Availability
  • - A good replacement for lawn grass

    - Excellent for paths

    -Will grow in moist to wet areas

    - Full sun to part shade

    -Height: 6 to 24 inches

    -Zone: 3 to 9

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