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What’s not to love about Blazing Star. It adds excitement to the garden. The blooms are Pink-purple wands of showy flowers. This plant attracts butterflies, bumble bees, and other insects. They are able to obtain nectar and some bees do collect pollen. Birds will eat the seeds in the fall and winter. Deer and other mammals have been know to browe the plant. 


The leaves are bright green, about 10 inches log and very thin. This gives the plant a grassy appearance. The plants grow from corms. Blazing star grows about 3 to four feet tall and flowers mid to late summer.


You can use blazing Star as a cut flower. They provide height in arrangements and last a week or more.


Blazing Star prefers moist, fertile soils; good drainage is important, particularly in winter. Will tolerate dry summer soils. Full sun, to some light shade. Great for the meadow garden, woodland edge or bog garden. Combine Blazing star with plants like Great Blue Lobelia, Purple Cone flower, Joe Pye weed and White Turtlehead.

Liatris Spicata - Gay Feather, Dense Blazing Star

  • -Excellent pollinator plant

    -Purplish pink long lasting flowers

    -Attracts a wide variety of insects

    -Zone: 3 to 9

    -Height: 3 to 4 feet tall

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