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One of our native Lilies, Canada Lily is stunning. This plant entices humming birds, butterflies and mayother pollinators to visit. In our garden the flower starting the end of June well into July. 

Canada lily grows 3 to 5 feet tall. The red flowers are pendulant and the petals are curved outward. The flowers are red on the outside then bright orange and yellow on the inside with dark red spots covering the flowers throats.  This plant comes in a yellow form but we do not have any,

Canada lily naturally grows in moist meadows and the edges woods but will tolerate moist garden soil. It can grows in sun to part-sun . I have seen it in the shade and it did not grow as tall. 

Hummingbirds use Canada lilylily as a source of nectar. Ruby-throated hummingbird  are the primary pollinaators. Long tongued bees, Large butterflies and Sphinx moths will also use this plant. Unfortunately for the plant deer like to browse on it's leaves and stems. The Lily leaf beetle will also attact this plant. 

Propagation of Canada lily is easiest form bulb division. You can remove daughter bulb off sets from the main plant. You can also propagate the plant from bulb scales. In the fall dig the bulb remove some scales. (The are the outer tooth shaped parts of the bulb.) Put them pointed side up into a Soil-less mix in a pot or flat. I use a standard 11" X 22" drained flat. Cover them with 1/4 inch of soil. I leave the flats out all winter in a sheltered area that gets rain. It the spring you will see the leaves. Lightly fertilize through out the growing season. Transplant in August in to larger pots for growing on or into the garden. You can plant the seed too. The seeds are ready for harvest usually in September. You will need to leave them in flats for two to three years to get to size to put them into the pots or garden.

Lilium canadense - Canada lily

  • -Naturally grows in moist areas

    -Produces a multitude of  red-orange blossoms

    -Humming birds, butterflies and moths use Canada lily as a source of nectar

    -Interesting red flowers

    -Height: 3 to 5 feet

    -Zone: 4 to 9

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