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Swamp saxifrage is a lovely wetland plant that starts out as a basal rosette of lance-shaped leaves that, are in themselves attractive. In late spring, the flower rises about 1 to 2 feet on leafless stalks. The flowers have five white petals, five green sepals at the base and they bear ten yellow-topped stamens. This makes the flowers appear yellowish green at first glance.

Swamp Saxifrage is pollinated by small bees, wasps, and flies. The plant provides them with both pollen and nectar. The plant spreads both by off-shoots and seed and is often found in standing water along streams. It is especially attractive in groups. Good companions are Marsh Marigold, Skunk Cabbage, Swamp Milkweed and Cardinal lower (Red Lobelia).

Micranthes pensylvanica - Swamp Saxifrage

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  • -An excellent plant for your problem wet area

    -Used by bees and other insects for nectar

    -Height: 1 to 2 feet tall

    -Zone: 2 to 8

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