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Scarlet beebalm is a member of the mint family. Beautiful scarlet red flowers top the plant in the summer. In western New York this plant is seen in July along the road growing  in patches. It is very easy to pick out because of its color. Butterflies, moths, bee flies, bees and hummingbirds are drawn to this plant for pollen and nectar. 

Scarlet beebalm is like other mints in that it spreads by rhizomes. It will grow equally well in a dry or moist soil. It is not fussy about light either. It will grow in full sun and is also commonly seen in the shade. Scarlet beebalm sometimes gets powdery mildew in the shade but still flowers reliably.

Scarlet beebalm grows will with other plants that are equally aggressive including black-eyed Susan, wild bergamont and obedient plant. It works well will tall meadow rue, Joe-pye weed, asters, and green coneflower. Keep it in a setting with plants its own size or you will need to plant something at the base as it can become leggy.

Scarlet beebalm is easy to grow from seed. You can also the divide clumps in the early spring. This way you can increase your stand or give some away to friends.

Monarda didyma - Scarlet beebalm

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  • -An excellent plant for a pollinator garden

    -Easy to grow, tolerant of many conditions

    -Member of the mint family with an nice fragrance

    -Scarlet-red flowers

    -Height: 3 to 4 feet tall

    -Zone: 3 to 9

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