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Grasses are important members of the ecosystem. They provide structure for other plants, nesting materials for birds, cover for small animals and are elegant plants themselves. Switchgrass is often seen in tall grass prairies. It gives the meadow and airy feel and provides valuable habitat.


 The seed heads of Switchgrass wave in the breeze and provide food for birds and other animals. The seed heads are reddish purple and are open and airy. Switchgrass is a clumping grass that that has wonderful ornamental value. It stands tall and elegant and the fall color is outstanding. The leaf blades are bright green until fall when the plant turns yellow.


Switchgrass grows 3 to 6 feet in height. It is tolerant of many soil types but not soggy soil. It grows best in full sun but will tolerate some shade. Mix it with tall growing prairie plants. It is generally not eaten by deer.

Panicum virgatum – Switchgrass

  • -Grows from 3 to  6 feet high

    -Airy seed heads

    -a larval host forDelaware Skipper, Arogos Skipper and the Dakota skipper

    -Naturally grows in prairies in full sun

    -Zone: 5 to 9

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