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Woodland phlox is a stunning plant when mixed with other spring blooming plants. When  planting a ground cover you should use a variety of plants. That way you are making not just a planting but a habitat. What this means is that planting different kinds of plants that flower at slightly different times or that complement each other or produce either seeds and berries you can attract more beneficial insects, butterflies and birds to your garden.

Woodland phlox creeps along the ground making it a perfect plant at the front of a border. The plant blooms in May attracting spring pollinating insects. The dark green leaves persist through the summer and is semi evergreen. Meaning it generally stays green through out the winter getting new leaves in the spring. This will vary with the weather.

The blossoms have 5 petals and bloom above the evergreen mat of leaves on 8 to 10 inch stems. The species has blue, lavender or white flowers. The are many named cultivars such as "Blue Moon'

Good companion plants, depending on color combinations you are looking for are green and gold, dwarf crested iris, yellow wood poppy, Bloodroot, wild ginger, trillium, foam flower, maidenhair fern, false solomon's seal and Christmas fern. Woodland phlox can really be used in any shady to semi shade garden with soil high in organic matter. The plant grows best in moist soil but not wet.

Phlox divaricata - Woodland phlox

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  • -A wonderful ground cover

    -Spreads fairly quickly

    -Will not crowd out companions

    -Attracts butterflies and other beneficial insects

    -Height: 6 to 10 inches tall

    -Zone: 4 to 9

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