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Creeping woodland phlox is most often called just creeping phlox. This is also the common name for the sun loving Phlox subulata commonly found at many garden centers. That one of the reasons Botanical names are so important. Phlox stononifera is a marvelous creeping evergreen ground cover. It lays almost flat against the ground.  The leaves are round at the apex. Phlox divaricata which is similar and sometimes confused with Phlox stolenifera has more linear leaves. The dense foliage of Creeping woodland phlox grows only about 1-3 inches tall. In spring, Mid may here in western New York, the flowers grow above the foliage on 8 - 10 inch stems.

Creeping Woodland Phlox is used by butterflies and moths for nectar. Hummingbird moths and Sphinx moths are a joyous sight when they are seen partaking of the nectar. Do you have a particular color scheme in mind for your garden? This plant comes in multiple colors and makes a great mulch for other woodland plants. Good companions are Christmas Fern, Violets, Foam Flower, Wild Ginger, Bloodroot and Green and Gold.

Phlox stolonifera- Creeping Woodland Phlox

  • -A wonderful ground cover

    -Spreads fairly quickly

    -Attracts butterflies and other beneficial insects

    -Height: 6 to 10 inches tall

    -Zone: 4 to 9

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