Wild Stone Crop is a very low maintenance, low growing ground cover. It is a great rock garden plant that does best in filtered shade in a woodland setting. It requires very little soil because its roots do not penetrate the soil deeply. The bright green leaves are arranged in a whorl pattern. The star-like flowers have 4 narrow white petals and 4 light green sepals. The flowers are produced on fertile stems that are taller than the non fertile stems.

Wild Stone Crop spreads fairly quickly forming dense mats in rich soil. It grows 4 to 8 inches tall. Flies, bees and wasps all visit the plant. Sometimes chipmunks will eat the roots. Good companions are Dwarf Crested Iris, Wild Columbine, Labrador Violet, Yellow Wood Poppy and Doll's Eyes.

Sedum ternatum - Wild Stone Crop

  • - Wonderful ground cover

    - quick spreading

    - White star shaped flowers

    - Height 4 to 8 inches

    - Zone: 3 to 9

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