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Wild Senna is a stunning member of the pea family. Beautiful bright yellow flowers with purple spots grace this plant. The flowers are so interesting, the purple spots are so unusual with the bright yellow back ground. The Deep green pea like foliage with its numerous round leaflets provides an excellent backdrop for the flowers.


Wild Senna flowers mid-summer and will attract bees and butterflies and is a host plant for Cloudless Sulphur butterfly. The plants with grow to be 3 to 5 feet tall. In dryer soils it will stay shorter. This plant does best in light shade to full sun. It likes moist to wet rich soil but does well in rocky or sandy soil.  The roots are fibrous also has rhizomes. In the fall the leaves turn yellow and the black seed pods persist into the winter, giving more beauty to enjoy.


Companions for wild senna include switch Grass, Indian Grass, wingstem, New York Ironweed, Joe pye weed, Boneset, Asters. To be sure you have good color in the Spring you can use golden Groundsel which flowers in late May into June. Wild Senna is an excellent plant for a wet meadow planting or garden border. Put it in the middle or rear of the bed.

Senna hebecarpa - Wild Senna

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  • -Stunning yellow flowers with purple spots

    -Butterflies and hummingbirds use it for nectar

    - Host plant for Cloudless Sulphur

    -Excellent foliage plant, turns yellow in the fall

    -Height: 3 to 5 feet tall

    -Zone: 4 to 7

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