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Fire Pink is a great hummingbird plant and people are impressed by it too. If you want to keep hummingbirds in your yard you need to keep the high-quality food coming. Plant nectar is the best food for them. This plant flowers shortly after or depending on where you live overlapping with wild columbine. Fire pinks bright red flowers are sure to draw in the humming birds and butterflies too.


Fire Pink has stunning flowers are and inch to an inch and one half wide.  They are slightly sticky to the touch. The leaves are bright green and very attractive. The plants grow 2 feet tall.  This plant does best in part sun in dry to normal soils. Do not mulch heavily around Fire Pink because it is a short-lived perennial. It produces and abundance of seed and will self-sow if the seed makes good soil contact.   


Good companions are Wild Columbine, Penstemon, and phlox. Fire pink is drought tolerant once established. Spice up your pollinator plantings with these lovely plants.

Silene virginica - Fire Pink

Limited Stock - Contact for Availability
  • - Bright Red flowers

    - Hummingbirds pollinate this plant

    - Drought tolerant

    - Height: 2 Feet

    Zone: 4 to 9

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