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Blue-stemmed goldenrod is a great plant for the fall woodland garden. It really brightens up the fall garden. The Plant has thin bright green lanceolate leaves.  The stems are tinged a purplish blue as the age. The bright golden flowers are clustered along the stem in late summer in to the fall.

The blue-stemmed goldenrod is used for nectar and pollen by a wide array of insects including bees and butterflies. It is a host plant for many species of moths. The seeds are eaten by birds in the fall so it is a good plant to leave standing in the fall for winter form and to attract birds.

It attracts many butterflies. This group of plants grows in moist soil in semi shade. Blue-stemmed goldenrod also pairs well with woodland asters and ferns. Blue-stemmed goldenrod will grow in sun, part shade or shade. It is not aggressive like other goldenrods. It is wonderful plant.

Solidago caesia - Blue-stemmed goldenrod

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  • -Blue-Stemmed Goldenrod Is a great plant for the pollinator garden

    -Golden flowers are clustered along the stem

     -Brightens up the woodland garden

    -Height: 2 to 3 feet tall

    -Zone: 3 to 9

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