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Zig-zag goldenrod is an otstanding plant for your shade garden. It really brightens up the fall garden. The Plant has leaves that are oval at the case coming to a pont at the end, they have small serrations at the leaf edge and are bright green. The stems are light green and the leaves zig-zag alternayly along the stem. The bright golden flowers are clustered at the top of the stem and along the stem in the leaf axils. 

The zig-zag goldenrod is used for nectar and pollen by a wide array of insects including bees and butterflies. The seeds are eaten by birds in the fall so it is a good plant to leave standing in the fall for winter form and to attract birds.

It attracts many butterflies. Blue-stemmed goldenrod also pairs well with woodland asters and ferns. Zig-zag goldenrod will grow in part shade or shade. It does spread by underground rhizomes. Plant it with other spreaders such as white wood aster and violets. 

Solidago flexicaulis - Zig-zag goldenrod

  • -Zig-zag goldenrod Is a great plant for the pollinator garden

    -Golden flowers are athe top and along along the stem

    -Brightens up the woodland garden

    -Height: 2 to 3 feet tall

    -Zone: 3 to 9

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