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We’ve created a collection of some of our favorite cutting flowers to enjoy in summer.

The collection includes one each of 7 plants, all flowering between July and September. These plants are best suited for full to part sun. Enjoy these flowers in the garden or in a vase. As a bonus, these are all plants favored by pollinators!

Sun Cutting Flower Collection 2023

$56.93 Regular Price
$45.54Sale Price
  • This Collection includes: (1) Agastache foeniculum - Anise hyssop, (1) Purple Coneflower,  Echinacea purpurea, (1) Eupatorium perfoliatum - Boneset, (1) Eutrochium purpureum - Sweet Joe-pye weed, (1)  Oxeye Sunflower  - Heliopsis helianthoides, (1) Lobelia cardinalis - Red cardinal flower, (1) Rudbeckia fulgida - Black Eyed Susan

    This collection covers about 17 square feet of garden.

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