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Tall meadow rue shows off is white plumes in late July early August, in 2006 it was in bloom on July 10th. The plumes of flowers lack petals and it is really stamens that produce the white fluffy effect. Some plants only have stamens some plants have pistils and just a few stamens. The only time this is really noticeable is when you go to collect seeds in the fall, only the plants with pistils will have seed.

Tall meadow rue is a meadow plant and in the wild it inhabits damp areas. It will grow in dry areas but may yellow early. In the fall the leaves turn yellow and will brighten the area in which it is grown. When tall meadow rue is set in the garden it adds height to the border and is a great way to attract butterflies and other insects to the garden.

Plant tall meadow rue with Joe-pye weed, red cardinal flower and Great blue lobelia. You can use this combination in an area that had Virginia bluebells or marsh marigold blooming in the spring. This will maintain the color when those spring blooming plants have gone dormant.

Tall meadow rue thrives in part to full shade. It will grow in full sun provided its feet are wet. In full shade mine grow to three feet. I know people who have grown this plant to eight feet. Try this wonderful plant you won't be disappointed

Thalictrum pubescens - Tall meadow rue

  • -Shows off its bright white flowers in mid-summer

    -Grows in very moist areas but will tolerate ordinary garden soils

    -Adds height to the garden

    -Height: 3 to 7 Feet

    -Zone: 3 to 9

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