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A small and dainty woodland plant. The flowers rise above the foliage in late April into May creating a nice little spring bouquet. The petal like sepals are in counts of 5 to 10 with lots of yellow stamens in the center. 

They like a moist woodland soil and look great on a shady bank They are small but tough and will self-seed. The foliage is like that of meadow rue and is bright green in color. The plant grows 6 to 8 inches tall and forms a fine clump.

Rue anemone is a welcome sight in the spring. The clean white flowers brighten up the area and are very charming. They look great with merry bells, Virginia bluebells, violets, and blue cohosh.

Thalictrum thalictroides - Rue anemone

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  • -A dainty woodland plant that tolerates part sun

    -Flowers sporadically through out the summer when it gets enough water

    -Excellent edger plant for the woodland garden

    -White flowers

    -Height: 6 to 8 inches

    -Zone: 4 to 8

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