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New York Iron weed is a tall slender plant that makes a great background plant or for an area where you want a high impact plant but have a narrow space. The flowers are reddish purple in color and the petals are narrow and are densely packed in loose clusters at the top of the plant. The leaves are dark green and slender. 

This plant is perfect your pollinator garden. New York Iron Weed has both pollen and nectar for butterflies, bees, flies and beetles. You will enjoy the rich color too as well as the pollinators that are attracted. Birds will eat the seeds. If you want to attract wildlife this is a great plant.

New York Iron weed naturally grows in wet meadows, ditches and along streams. It does best with constant moisture but we have it in our garden in rich soil that does occasionally dry out from time to time.

The color is outstanding, the height is 3 to 6 feet depending on where Ironweed is planted. Great companions include boneset, Joe pye weed, blue vervain, royal fern and swamp milkweed. You are going to want color in the spring so use marsh marigold if the area is wet. Golden groundsel will give you color in and drier soil. New York and New England, and Flat topped white aster will add fall color.

Vernonia noveboracensis - New York Ironweed

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  • - Excellent plant for pollinators

    - Stunning reddish, purple flowers

    - Great for narrow areas

    - Height:3 to 6 Feet

    - Zone: 5 to 8

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