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Wild strawberry is a fast-spreading ground cover that tolerates a variety of conditions. It provides long lasting garden interest, with late spring to early summer white blossoms and red, edible fruit followed by reddening leaves in the fall.

Wild strawberry spreads vigourously by runners, making it a wonderful ground cover that can compete with invasive species. It makes a great lawn alterantive and can be used for erosion control. It will take shade to full sun and grows in variable soil conditions.

Wild strawberry has hairy leaf petioles and a hairy stalk, topped with small white, five petal blossoms. It grows about 5 inches tall. It provides both food for a variety of caterpillars and nectar for pollinators. The fruit will attract chipmunks, squirrels and birds.

Fragaria virginiana - Wild Strawberry

  • -Wild Strawberry is an excellent, vigorously spreading ground cover

    -Not fussy about sun and soil conditions

    -Bright white flowers and edible fruit

    -Zone: 3 to 8

    -Height: 5 inches

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